Current Research Projects


InterSCity is a multidisciplinary project aiming at addressing the key research challenges around smart cities from a software infrastructure point of view. Its goal is to develop an integrated open-source platform containing all major building blocks for the development of robust, integrated, sophisticated applications for the smart cities of the future.


This project proposes models, mechanisms and algorithms for fault-tolerant data stream processing and real-time reasoning based on the concepts of Semantic Informatin Streams, as a natural extensions of Complex Event Processing (CEP) and RDF (a graph-based knowledge model).


The M-Hub/CDDL is a new middleware for context data management (acquisition, distribution, and processing) with broad support for the development of context-aware IoT/IoMT applications with QoC (Quality of Context) requirements. It provides both, QoI (Quality of Information) and QoS (Quality of Service) parameters.